We are running out of gold

According to Galmarley, all gold ever mined is worth $1.8 trillion dollars. All gold that has not been mined is worth about 40 percent of the mined gold or $0.7 trillion dollars. Adding these two numbers together we get $2.5 trillion dollars worth of gold bullion, both mined and underground. This number may sound high but it is actually really low compared to the current US national debt of $9 trillion dollars. Now, let’s factor in the national debt of all other countries and the supply of gold looks even lower. Put simply, the supply of gold is extremely low. Since we are running out of gold very quickly, all gold left in the ground is extremely valuable. Who owns the gold that is left in the ground? Gold mining companies. The very fact that there is not much gold left is a very strong reason in favor of investing in gold mining companies.

Smart investors have already jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to investing in gold. However, it is not too late for the rest of us because there are many avenues for investment available, such as gold coins and gold jewelry. Those who are much more brave and ready to take their gold investing to the next level should consider investing in gold mines.

Investing in gold mining companies involves purchasing gold stocks. The investor will be buying ownership in the gold mining company as well as the gold itself. As is quite apparent to most Americans, the stock market can be quite volatile. Therefore, there is a bit more risk involved in this type of investment than is present when investing in gold via other methods.

Gold mining stocks are performing very well due to the popularity of gold as an investment. The price of gold has increased drastically over the past decade, and this trend is expected to continue.  Gold mining stocks can be found online or by consulting a stockbroker.

Investing in gold mines is a great alternative for individuals who are no longer dazzled by the option to buy gold coins or jewelry.  Gold mining stock does carry some inherent risk, but in the current market, it is a good bet that the price of gold will continue to increase. Take a chance and purchase some gold mining stocks today because the decision is bound to pay off in the end.

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